Choose from four flavours: Jamaican Cream; Ancho & Chipotle Chili; Tomato, Port Wine & Balsamic; Horseradish & Rosemary Bechamel.

Frozen or ambient; one product, multiple uses. Use as a sauce, soup, spread or dip. Adaptive, hassle-free, time-saving and fun. 5 x 100g "single portion" size at retail. 1 kilo tubs food service. Plant-based, gluten-free and organic. No additives or preservatives

We lock in the goodness so you can taste the freshness. Our product is about creativity and fun - enjoy a saucesicle today.

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The Beyond Sauce Blog

“An alchemical experience, a delight to the taste buds, a wake-up call to a more enhanced way of eating”

Ancho and chipotle
Wine, balsamic and tomato
Horseradish, rosemary and tofu